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OHADA IFRS Accounting

& internal controls risk management that goes on offense

What are you facing today? Our Accounting & Internal Controls portfolio is ready to help you address issues and risks in accounting advisory services, financial reporting requirements, internal audit risk management, assurance needs, and internal controls services.

Since Our accounting and internal controls professionals work alongside you to provide assistance on compliance, advise on critical business issues, and not only anticipate but navigate through each risk and opportunity. We don’t just help prepare you for financial events; we can help you anticipate what you’ll likely face by applying continuous rigor in both governance and process. So, whether you face executive transitions, financial distress, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), financial transactions and reporting, regulatory compliance, or technology programs—we are ready to help.

  • OHADA and IFRSs Accounting
  • Bookkeeping Administration
  • Processing of management accounts
  • Payroll Administration
  • Submissions of Statutory Requirements
  • Business Secretariat

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Answers to the questions you haven’t thought of yet

For us, the answers are not enough. Instead, we seek out the questions your next challenge will bring with it. And to that end, we employ innovative methods, advanced analytics, labs, and insights so that you can do more than merely check the box of regulations. You are enabled to lead, transcend traditional processes, and emerge stronger than ever.

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